Error – mkdtemp: private socket dir: Permission denied

What a pain ! because i’m stupid enough to dare erasing ‘tmp’ file in linux.  -_- I thought that ‘tmp’ was such a garbage existed in Linux File structure. but i thought wrong.… Continue reading

Easy BCD – Alternative to Edit Your Booting Menu for Windows

Partition ! Shit, that’s the only word i’m afraid today. If you do such shit with a little mistake then that mistake will make you regret. Seriously -_- Especially, whenever you want to… Continue reading

Game Conqueror – The Alternative of Cheat Engine

Well, yo guys. Whuzuup ? Hope that your day is a good day. Lately, i like to play game a lot. yow, games such Call of Duty, Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Dragon Age , and… Continue reading