1. Sequencial Data Reading Explanation with Flash Animation

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This Application was made by AWE Team for the task that we held onto.  AWE is the abbrevation of Alice Wahyu Endru. Those are the name of the maker. We used Adobe Flash Version 5.0 as Animating and Programming the application, and ULEAD to direct the Video.

The Application Consists of 2 Languages which are Bahasa and English. It explains about Reading a Sequence data. We did A lot back there.

Here is the Download link for this program :


Thank’s To The Guys that helped us a lot.

2. Project D-Prax

Dispraxia Skrinsut

Project D-Prax Main Menu

As an Analyst noob , i’m concerning about specific thing like “Autism”, “Dyspraxia” , “Hyperactive” , and another thing. It’s been my duty to analyze this, finding a system and implementing the idea to solve such thing. We, yes, or it is even much cooler as EnJuWi team. We participate on an animation paper, we created an application to cure Dyxpraxia. We hope that our game will be useful to those who have such disease.

You may see  our presentation first here :


and then you may download the application here :


That’s all. EnJuWi team hopes for your concern to give us comments plus advices. We do care about this matter. 😀