App “My Study Life” for your Study Management


Hello guys, long time no see. It’s been a while da ?! Open-mouthed smile. On recent days, I got stuck with an activity – Managing My Study Life – .

I’m not someone that so familiar with calender. Honestly, I often forget about date. Smile with tongue out

As an apps exploring geek, I browsed app about managing study life. And, guess what bingo ! I got a worth app.

6-21-2013 11-28-42 AM


6-21-2013 11-32-19 AM

We can use this app from Google Chrome, Windows 8, Windows Phone & Android. Plus IOS but alas it’s still coming soon Smile

Here’s the preview of my experiment to this app. I’m using Google Chrome. So pity for Android user Open-mouthed smile

“App Main Page”


this page tells you overview about all activities.


“Calender Page”

6-21-2013 10-54-07 AM

this page tells you about the date of your activities.


“Tasks Page”

6-21-2013 10-54-49 AM

this page tells you how you manage tasks from each of class. Yeah ! Open-mouthed smile plus you can manage “How far the task’s been done !” Wualah


“Exams Page”

6-21-2013 10-55-18 AM

this page tells you how you manage exams for every class. rather cool hah Smile


“Search Page”

6-21-2013 10-55-36 AM

Assuming from the name, this feature surely for you asses-to-asses search. I haven’t tried this page yet.

So, for those who want to manage your study life easier, you may consider this app as your choice. Look I’m trying to convince you that managing something is cool. Open-mouthed smile


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