Code Igniter Support in Netbeans Using NBPHPCI

Hello guys ! it’s been a long time ago since i updated my blog. You know, i’m not quite a writer. Things like trigger , good mood, intention, idea and support are powerful plugins for my mind to write something. And LUCKY ME ! i got an idea. It’s all about Programming. yeah, add that to the tally !. As always, no chit chat. TO THE POINT … 😀 Here You GO !

Recently, i have a php project using Code Igniter Framework. As usual, i’m not quite a writer, so i’m not intending to remember such codes. So, i decided to search for something you may call “Auto Complete” feature on coding. I got one from here :

Something they called as NBPHPCI (a.k.a Netbeans PHP CodeIgniter) :D. So, First of thing you have to do before set that thing are Downloading Netbeans , JDK and Xampp/Wampp. <In My Case, i use Xampp for windows and Lampp for linux>

Here’s The link to download Netbeans :

Here’s The link to download Xampp/Lampp:

Here’s The link to download JDK:

From this line, i assume that all of ye already fulfilled previous requirements. Now, we go to the steps :

1. After installing every requirements, open netbeans and go to Tools > Plugins


2. Go to Settings Tab and then Add the following repository : -> Netbeans 7.2 -> Netbeans 7.2.1 -> Netbeans 7.3


3. Go to Update tab, search for CI. Look for something like these “CI Framework” & “CI Framework Repository”. Check and Install those ! Done !

<Optional Step>

Actually, i just got some explanations about this step from here :

it’s just a configuration to integrate CI with NBPHPCI in order to make your PHP project much more simpler to set. So, you don’t need to configure it manually. Here we GO !

1. Go to Tools > Option. Choose PHP and then CodeIgniter tab. Choose base file then add the Code Igniter File Zip.


           You can download the CI here :

2. Now you may proceed to create your PHP project using Code Igniter framework with a “Auto Complete” feature within. Heaven YEAH !!!

Errors I found :

1. PHP Interpreter must be selected. Solving ways : Go To Tools > Options > PHP > General > Fill the PHP 5 Interpreter box with your php url.

   because i’m using Xampp

   Windows url -> <local disk>/xampp/php/php.exe

    Linux url (i save lampp folder on /opt/lampp) so it will be -> /opt/lampp/bin/php

2. Well, i forgot the rest. :P. Next time i remember the errors, i will soon publish to my blog.

Well, that’s all guys. Thank’s for your attention. See you on the next thing. 😀

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