Cisco Packet Tracer – How to Set Web Server

Yow guys, such a beautiful hour to me. Now, i’m gonna share about Cisco Packet Tracer. Jumping to set web server. It’s a basic set, so it should be easy. We cool hah !

Quit, chit-chat and just go to the steps.

Open your cisco packet tracer <- the most important step not to mention ! :p

First, try to set this picture :


a device and a server

Second, set the each of their IP click them and go to “DESKTOP” tab and look for “IP CONFIGURATION” like this


ip address for PC0

set the server ip into “” now the third step.

Third, click server side and go to “CONFIG” tab. Look for “DNS” , set the “Name” into whatever you wish, mine is ““. As for the address, as you set on “IP CONFIGURATION” before into “” and save like this

Server address

Server address

Fourth, after you done with your “DNS” now look for “HTTP” in the same tab “CONFIGURE” on sever side. here some code for the page you will see later 😀 like this

html code for the page

html code for the page

here is the code :

<center>Welcome in Ulahkitu Login Screen</center>

<body bgcolor=”#66FF66″>
<center><form method=”post” action=”tampil.php”>
<table border=”3px”>
<td>Virus Name : Bontox Sexeehh</td>
<td><b>Level : Red Zone !!!</b></td>
<td>Effect : High Mutation</td>
<td><b><i>Causing high level hallucinations about sexeeh butt !</b></i></td>
<b>Credit goes to Indiego , Palango, Tango-tango, Tutulo, Palgo, Buarto, Cengo, Ndeso-ndeso@”ooo”group<b>

Finally, click the PC and then go to “DESKTOP” tab then choose “WEB BROWSER”. On url box , type the server name. a name that you just gave on third step. Mine is ““. that should be like this

the page yow !!!

the page yow !!!

That’s all. Those are just the basic on how to set a web server. You can explore further 😀

Thank’s guys for visiting my blog. Enjoy the time.

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