Game Conqueror – The Alternative of Cheat Engine

Well, yo guys. Whuzuup ? Hope that your day is a good day. Lately, i like to play game a lot. yow, games such Call of Duty, Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Dragon Age , and The Others. I know that i’m not so good on beating a game with hard level :D. Sorry for the challenge accepter, i got my own to finisih such level. “Cheating” *nooffense

This is a great way , not so good to train yourself to be a better gamer though. but, you will feel kinda cool thing to cheat in a game.

Skip the chit chat, i’m gonna give the cool stuff i always use.

First come to “Cheat Engine”, and i use this in Windows. Come to think of me, what stuff that i’m gonna use whenever i wanna play in Linux ?

Thank’s to developers , i can rest assure for this. Linux provides another cool stuff to manipulate code called “Game Conqueror”.

You may Download here :

i Downloaded through Linux Mint Repository , “Software Center” Exactly.

Here is the screenshot for ye




Later i’m gonna tell you how to use, so this post is to be continued …


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