Error – mkdtemp: private socket dir: Permission denied

What a pain ! because i’m stupid enough to dare erasing ‘tmp’ file in linux.  -_-

I thought that ‘tmp’ was such a garbage existed in Linux File structure. but i thought wrong. dang !

there are some errors that appeared like

“Your session only lasted 10 seconds…”

don’t know what the meaning of above error and then another

“mkdtemp: private socker , dir: Permission denied”

whenever “Permission denied” is appeared, it’s usually because it must be entered to Root Level so i typed “chmod 777 bla bla bla” [i forgot the rest] but error still occured , what the F !


THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS ! Having been frustrated because of such shit, at the end of frustration thank’s to :

i got my problem solved.

here is the key

1. first, you type this CTRL + ALT + F1 , you will be directed into ‘Black Screen Process’ <- i called that 😀 . Oops, almost forgot, you do that on login screen. So don’t login to your desktop first.

2. enter your username, and password the same you did on you terminal window.

3. type this brilliant thing “sudo chmod 1777 /tmp

4. and then the last type CTL + ALT + F7 <- return to your smooth login screen.

5. I hope this shit is working for ye. As this worked for me. 😀

“Be Careful With Your Shit in Linux”

Damn , that’s true.

Best Regard,

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