Easy BCD – Alternative to Edit Your Booting Menu for Windows

Partition !

Shit, that’s the only word i’m afraid today. If you do such shit with a little mistake then that mistake will make you regret. Seriously -_-

Especially, whenever you want to install Windows along with Linux.

Bootmgr is Missing

Such error will appear, and that being the only reason that create terror on Computer Noob, End-User afraid to set their partition not to mention me :P.

well, forget such thing. because you may fix such thing with this cool stuff “Easy BCD”

you may download here : http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/

Although this shit is not a freeware but worth enough to try.

here is the screenshoot for ye


Cool Stuff for Partitioning

Cool Stuff for Partitioning


Well, i’m not gonna tell you how to use “not freeware shit” πŸ˜€ , beside it’s easy to use. believe me, even an End-user may use this instanly without using Tutorial.


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