Dreadout – Horror Game Of Indonesia


Well, as for me it’s really a big proud as and indonesian. Our country is not really loosening on making cool games. Today , i declare that Indonesia is worth to try for their games. Hoorayyyyy ! 😀

It’s a good news for a gamer, especially the horror game geeks. As long as i played the game, i noticed that the gameplay is not so far from Fatal Frame.

“A Little girl brings a camera , a camera that will hereby the girl her survival gurantee across Astral Creature”

Walk alone in a zone that full of Ghosts , to stand against all ghosts that little girl only have her supernatural camera. You may download this game here :


Available in Windows, Mac and Linux too !

Their Official Blog : http://www.dreadout.com/

They used UNITY3D as their game Engine. One of the best game engine in the world 😀

here a picture that i just took when i played the game

Linda in a "Gubuk"

Linda in a “Gubuk”

You may want to see PewDeePie’s Video . Look for his expression when he played the game. Lol

it’s just a demo. You have to buy for the full version of course.

Ehh, well i like the character “Linda”. 😀

So, you should grab fast this game. Play it, Enjoy it, Scare it, Be Careful ! the HORROR is COMING !

thank’s for visiting my blog guys. See ya on the next Indonesia Games.

To Be Continued…

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