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Whuzzup guys, i’m so sorry for not updating the post in recent days. you know, got a business here that even myself can’t handle :D.

Today, i’m gonna share an application that’s so good for a blogger yeah a true writer. it’s even a cool stuff to handle your blog. it’s a third-party application like tweetdeck for twitter. but you can edit virtually there, and submit from there too. nice to hear hah . don’t need to open such browser just to update your blog. as you know, browser is such a heavy burdern for your memory.


ok, shut up with the shit and go to the application. here i’m gonna explain the detail about the apps using screenshoot.


oh before i’m gonna give you the picture, you may download this apps through their website here :


it’s provided for linux and windows too. if you’re the download-in-terminal geeks , as mine i’m just going through the software center and search for blogilo [linux mint].


after you download, open blogilo


the picture above has been integrated with my wordpress. before you proceed with your blogging , you have to add one of your account.
Before you input your account, well just type your account
after  i type my wordpress account. it’s just a basic way to add a blog account, such an easy way right. 😀
if you’re an advancer , you can choose Advanced tab. and go setting it.
okay guys, that’s all for now. happy blogging. don’t hold back your mind , just write if you feel cool and good to write your.
to be continued…
Best Regard,
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