How To Remove “Earliest Version Of Windows” When booting Windows 7 With BCDEDIT

How is it? you can imagine the error now. Well, to tell you the truth it appears with a specific condition like when you have double OS on your system no matter as long as Windows then you

removed one + install new onebut for some reason the boot loader hasn’t been updated, BINGO ! That’s when the error will appear.

Here it’s one of the easiest way :

Open the Command Prompt as adminstrator then type “bcdedit” the result will be like this :

thank’s to him that i can get this screenshot.

there , the problem is located and pointed by red arrow.

then the next step is this

type “bcdedit /delete {ntldr} /f”

after you see “The operation completed successfully” , restart your computer and see what happen.

Hopefully, everything’s back to normal. 😀

here is an explanation i took from him again :

“bcdedit” is a powerful command line utility that manages your Windows boot loader. You can not only clean out unnecessary boot entries, but also can create new boot entries manually as well. For more information about how to use the tool, simply type bcdedit /? for help. But be more careful about what you will be doing there, as any deletion operation will be extremely difficult to recover.

Ok, that’s all for today. Let’s see for another error on windows. See ye guys !

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